Navjit kaur

Managing Director | Helping Business to Grow Online | Marketing Strategies | Leading Digital Coach

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Nearly every day, I meet people who create world-class ideas with their innovative thinking process and exceptional talents to make others' lives easier.

Being experienced in digital marketing, I provide training with the strategic ability to hundreds of like-minded individuals in their respective niches and bind them to the platforms where they want to be. For the last eight years, I have constantly been working back and forth to ensure that people can get the best results on the online marketplace. Apart from this, I have rendered good-quality training to digital marketing aspirants who get in touch with me from various places. I've been working as a self-volunteer for the community, bringing the right people on board and helping them get on the successful path.

As a founder of Digital Marketing Institute, I assist digital marketing enthusiasts in broadening their skills by offering digital marketing preparation, mentorship, personal coaching, and job advice. Along with the help of my well-experienced team, I believe in creating a common sense paradigm for the chaotic field of online analytics, combining it with the belief that investing in skilled researchers is the path to long-term growth. I am a staunch supporter of consumer centricity and the use of cutting-edge business analysis strategies. I work with advertisers and companies to fulfill the demands and desires of their audiences by using special skills in the form of communication and other emerging technology.

Roles and Responsibility
• Improve your problem-solving abilities
• Create strategies for coping with significant concerns
• Set priorities and develop a sense of direction
• Gain useful insight into the next step of your career
• Increase your confidence
• Give you practical guidance

Specialties – Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Customer Satisfaction

Strategic integration of technologies and corporate expertise drives productivity and insights in big corporations. Stay tuned to discover more with us!!!

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